Contact info

I am Bengt Larsson and can be reached via mail,

The content of this web is based on my personal reflections concerning pictures and picture composition.
Besides of my long experience, I use eye-tracking to explore the effects of image composition on an additional level. These experiments are run at home with friends and family, with the aim to contribute primarily to reflections of picture composition and the effect of pictures.

I have extensive experience in image production and have in recent years also been involved in research projects on image perception and image properties.
Eye-tracking is an objective way to gather insight on how we record and see pictures. It though does not tell us how a person perceives a picture but adds an extra dimension to picture composition.
The answers we get depends on a lot on how the questions are posed.
I find it most interesting how “regular” people, who aren’t particularly interested in pictures as such, reacts to pictures.
In my tests, i ask people to look at the pictures just to pick some which look good. Thus I hope the test persons are relatively relaxed and don’t get stressed about expectations of the test.

In my own tests, i use an eye-tracker from TheEyeTribe and software from Ogama by Adrian Voßkühler at Freie Universität Berlin.