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A brief summary

With my heart in pictures; picture creation, picture manipulation, picture composition and picture analysis …

Some points from recent years:
Developed procedures for image creation and working methods:

– Development of systems for the harmonization of product images; to ensure that images work predictably, consistently and reliably for images created at different times, are presented next to each other and similar. With detailed and illustrated PDF documentation.
– Develop image quality, especially in virtual photography; 3d Rendering (the full digital photography). Develop 3d photorealism in image production, that is indistinguishable from photography.
Pioneered 3d at IKEA for product pictures and roomsets mid ’00.

– Participated in development of graphic production system. Integrated production in different locations, soft proofing, publishing and workflow system.

– Have by the long-term infrastructural work changed the imaging process, repro and layout work.

– System for harmonized color reproduction, changing practices and attitudes, making picture production and layout production much more efficient. The result is great saving and huge time-savings that have contributed to higher artistic and technical quality.

– Participated in the research Papersense, led by perceptual psychologists at research organisation Innventia (now, Stockholm, where amongst other, we examined the difference when the same images are presented in print or on screen, and the difference when people are present, or not present in an image. Startling facts revealed through eye tracking and interviews.

Now collecting material for a book about image composition.
A book partly based on established rules of composition, but with variations of images that has been manipulated to show actual effects on balance in pictures.
Furthermore, it is to contain my homemade eye-tracking to show what the eye cares about in the pictures used as illustrations in the book.

– Picture manipulation, retouch. Very skilled and experienced in advanced picture manipulation for prestigous brands like Volvo and IKEA.
Pioneered digital retouch on Quantel Graphic paintbox late ’80, pioneered advanced retouch on Mac early ’90 with connection to repro systems.
Pioneered full graphic production based solely on PostScrip system mid ’90.