> What we see, our vision.

We often see more than the eye perceives.
Compare what a camera sees in a reflective area against what we perceive of what appears behind the glass.

There is an interesting area within psychology called gestalt psychology.
Gestalt psychology tries to describe how our perception works, how we compile and interpret our visual impressions and create an understandable image in our minds.
Amongst other, it says that “The whole is other than the sum of the parts” (Wikipedia).

And what can this really mean, how does it work?
An example is the following pictures. To many viewers, there are only a lot of black spots – because they seem to lack context.

At the end of the page, for those of you seeing only meaningless spots, the images are clarified. Usually, after having realized what the pictures represent, you will immediately recognize and see what the spots represents when you encounter the image again.

When looking at a window, for some reason you do not have any major issues to see what appears behind the glass. A camera though sees things different.
If you instead focus on the glass surface on the display window, I’m usually fascinated by how the eyes can see through all the disturbing reflections and, basically, just see what is being placed behind the mirroring glass.
I see it as evidence of the high ability of our eyesight and a little evidence of what gestalt psychology talks about. It’s a lot about on what and how we focus our attention, and how the mind interprets.

So, roughly, this is what it might look in reality – at least in my reality.
I experimented and photographed some glass surfaces. Then, with retouch, I created some simulated images of how I perceive glass surfaces and reflections, which to me is a big difference. My mind manages to filter away much of the reflections that block the picture the camera records.

This is what the camer depicts ….                                                     … this is what my mind sees.
first as the camera depicts …                                                                                  … what i see when i look …

The pictures from above – with some interpretation help 🙂


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