About picture composition and eye-tracking …


I write articles in this web place based on my reflections about pictures, picture composition, my eye-tracking experiments and research I have been part of.
The eye tracking experiments I perform, are on a non scientific level as I do not have any academic education in the area, and dont work according to established scientific methods.

A real world picture; the left shows the picture it self, to the right superimposed with heat maps and scan path of several test persons.

I collect material for a book about picture composition where I also use eye-tracking to investigate further how people react to pictures. Adding eye-tracking to the analysis of pictures gives an extra dimension and can hopefully open up for interesting insights.
The test persons I use are what can be related to as normal, everyday people, not particularly interested in pictures. I think that count more than investigating the view of experts in the area.

To learn a little more about eye-tracking, have a look at an introduction to eye-tracking.